Here I will post advice about Clashhhhh Royaleeee!

Getting the Elixir Advantage Edit

Getting the elixir advantage in Clash Royale is important for all users. Even if you are in goblin stadium, it is easy to gain elixir fast. A lot of the people in goblin stadium fireball the tower because they think that it will kill the tower. However, a fireball takes 4 elixir for 100 damage. This can be effective for a clutch win, but it can leave you vulnerable. Instead, use your fireball to take out barbs and large hoards. This allows you to trade in your favor. Here is an example: your fireball is in your hand. The opponent plays barbs. If we stop right there, that is already a 4 for 5 trade, giving you 1 elixir. This may not be a lot, but it can help you counter push stronger later. Sometimes, people will play some barbs and a minion horde. This then allows you to have a 4 for 9 trade, leaving the enemy with 1 elixir. This will allow you to push and take a tower. Elixir really starts getting important at builders workshop. At this arena, you unlock the elixir collector. This is a vital tool in most decks. A lot of people like to use decks that have expensive troops in them but don't want the risk that comes with it. The elixir collector takes 5 elixir to pump 1 elixir every 9.5 seconds, no matter the level. When you push with expensive cards, you can get your cards down faster and counter anything coming in the other lane for an overwhelming battle.

Making the Right Deck Edit

Many people can agree that having the right deck can make or break a player. Decks can come in all shapes and sizes. Since some cards are only good when they have the right support, making a deck can be hard. Therefore, I am making this guide for players just starting, all the way up to players in the higher arenas. A good deck is different depending on a players play style, and I hate to break it to you, the money they spend on the game. For most F2P players, their decks include the hog rider because he is a relatively easy card to obtain (appearing at arena 4) and can do sufficient damage at his speed. For a pay 2 win player, they may use lots of epics and legendaries because they are constantly opening super magical chests and those contain higher rarity cards. However, in the most recent update, Supercell has added legendary and epic chests at a reasonable price for all those free to play players. I use a simple golem spam deck, which uses a lot of epics. I have spent money on the game though. So I would recommend finding a card you are comfortable with, and finding some other cards that go with it smoothly.